Friday, May 26, 2017


I am thrilled that my dear friend Amy Harris is getting married this year. Mostly because it means that there are many parties in my future- and I love parties ;) . She's a dream and she's going to marry Max, who is one of those good fish you hear about.  Mari threw the sweetest, most beautiful, most delicious bridal shower ever. There were many different types of cheese, three different hummus dips, fresh fruit and cured meats, multiple amazing quiches, floral arrangements and the best cake I've ever eaten (and I'm a girl who's eaten a lot of cakes). And the flower crowns. I mean c'mon. They were legendary. But really, what do all the cheese and quiche and flower crowns mean? They mean that Amy is tremendously loved...that she belongs to a family who adores her and has friends who cherish her. We're so excited for her to take this next big life step. I felt so honored to have been invited to share in this celebration. Here are some photos of this babely event.

Joshua Tree 2017

When was the last time you hiked through a cholla forest? Or saw the desert in full bloom? All the brightest colors of the universe are alive in Joshua Tree. Plants I've seen all my life, yet have never seen them bloom were bursting with color this spring. That unexpected richness is the beauty of the desert.
This trip was sponsored by BudLite Lime, Pringles, Friendship, Future Islands and Flower Power.